Community Office Hours

Many of our Systers and other community members are engaged in ABI in various ways. Since we’re in our new space at the ABI Community Pavilion, we thought we would have some of our members share how they’re involved with ABI, Systers, our communities and our programs. Stop by on Thursday!

Lounge 1 (located in front of Peace Corps booth)

Time Moderator Discussion Topic
11am – 12pm Stephanie Taylor, Google Systers will apply to be a mentoring organization for Google Code In (for 13-17 year old students). If we are accepted, we are definitely going to need mentors to help out. Learn more about GCI and how you can help Systers change young people’s lives around the world.
12pm – 1pm Vivian Andreeva, Microsoft Many of our attendees are first timers and Vivian is also a first timer. However, Vivian got great jump start to the conference by joining the GHC Community committee.
2pm – 3pm Valerie Fenwick, Oracle GHC Community committee co-chair and long time supporter of ABI family. Valerie is inspiring, energetic and a talented technical manager. Learn how to get involved with GHC community and ABI. There’s plenty of ways for you to contribute and engage with ABI and our programs.
3pm – 4pm Sheila Campbell and Matthew McAllister, Peace Corps Peace Corps partnered with Systers this year on great open source projects. You’ll hear about volunteer opportunities involving technology and how you can make a difference in various communities around the world.
4pm – 5pm Rose Robinson, Her Systers’ Keeper, Anita Borg Institute Systers participate in Google Summer of Code and partnered this year with Peace Corps on great projects. Learn about Systers GSoC program and how you can prepare for next year’s application round.

Note: 1pm – 2pm Lunchtime


Lounge 2 (located in front of Black Women in Computing booth)

Time Moderator Discussion Topic
11am – 12pm Gail Carmichael, Anita’s Quilt Gail is a professor at Carleton University, ABI Advisory board member and Anita’s Quilt committee member. The Quilt is about spreading Anita’s vision through stories from our communities. Learn about Anita’s Quilt, the women and the stories that help and continue Anita’s vision.
12pm – 1pm Jennifer Shal, GHC Scholar, Ohio State University Thinking about applying to GHC scholarship next year? Jennifer is a GHC scholar and a graduating senior. Learn about her application experience, how she heard about GHC and maybe get some advice on application process and why it was important for her to attend GHC this year.
1pm – 2pm Vanessa Hurst, CodeMontage Vanessa is a long time Syster and serial entrepreneur. Stop by to hear about CodeMontage and how to get involved.
2:15pm – 3pm Rane Johnson-Stempson, Microsoft  Rane is Principal Research Director for Microsoft Research. She’s also an Instructor teaching ethics in Computer Science and Society at Oregon State University. Hear from Rane and learn about the research, programs and activities Microsoft is leading to grow more women in computing and how you can get involved.
3pm – 4pm Chiamaka Okoroha, Microsoft Chiamaka is a recent graduate of Bowie State University. Having attended as a student in years past, this will be Chiamaka’s first time attending GHC as an industry professional. Want to know how the transition has been with her and how she landed at Microsoft?

Note: 1pm – 2pm Lunchtime